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Cointal Exchange: The Complete Guide


The word “Cointal” was coined from “Coin Portal.” Cointal is an online exchange platform for cryptocurrencies. Cointal takes a novel approach to exchange trading by cutting off the middleman, choosing instead to connect buyers with sellers by serving as a peer-to-peer platform where traders can deal in Ripple and Ethereum.

Cointal aims to facilitate the buying and selling of digital currencies as well as offer a broad range of payment options.

Despite the exchange focusing on Ethereum and Ripple as the assets of choice, it provides users with the opportunity to exchange or trade other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash, with a possible addition of more crypto coins in the near future.

Cointal is also designed to improve upon the issues traders face on other exchanges such as longer verification times, deposit and withdrawal limits, expensive charges, and irksome protocols.

The company offers advanced security features and better transparency than what obtains generally in the industry. As a result, users can buy digital currencies for free while benefitting from fast transactions.

Clients can purchase Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, or Ethereum in just five minutes or less. In order to avoid operating at a loss, Cointal makes its money by charging sellers transaction fees of 1% for all transactions conducted on the platform. Cointal’s services are available to users from all over the world.  

Cointal also offers an affiliate program that lets users earn money by referring other people to the platform.

The company presents an all-in-one wallet for all users, which gives them access to store funds securely. The purse is provided by Cointal’s partner, BitGo. This help makes it easier for traders to organize their portfolio.

Cointal’s headquarters is located at 63 Loveridge Road London, United Kingdom, NW6 2DR.

The Cointal Platform

Cointal offers exchange services through all device platforms. Users can access the Cointal platform using their smartphones, desktops, and tablets.

Browser-Based Platform

Cointal allows traders to trade the market through all major browsers on their desktop devices. Supported browsers include Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari. The trading platform’s interface is user-friendly and highly navigable. Traders are provided access to offers and can use the “Create an Offer” section to advertise their products. In addition, clients can manage all of their trades, offers, as well as past transactions from a single dashboard page.

A Highly Customizable Program

Traders can tailor the trading application to suit their personal taste and preferences. They can also control the traffic on both their offers and profile. As mentioned above, the platform also offers an all-purpose sophisticated wallet that is impenetrable to hackers. The program has everything put in one place to make trading easy for you. Cointal’s system also offers a blog, chat section, and forum.

Smartphones and Tablets

Cointal enables clients to trade on-the-go via their smartphone or tablets from any location in the world. There are no special requirements involved.

Assets Traded

You can trade the following assets via the Cointal platform:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Ripple
  • Litecoin

Cointal Fees

Traders can buy digital currencies on the Cointal platform for free. However, in order to remain fully operational and not shut down due to losses incurred, the exchange charges sellers 1 percent of the value of each selling transaction. In an industry where some exchanges charge as high as 4 percent, the 1 percent fee charged by this website is among the lowest you can get anywhere.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Cointal allows you to deposit and withdraw funds through a wide range of payment options. Some of these channels include:

Credit/Debit Card

Traders can make payments using debit cards by instantly transferring funds from designated bank accounts or use their credit cards to make payments, incurring a debt with their card provider. The advantage of this payment option is that it offers great convenience to the user and is more efficient thanks to the fast transaction speed. Debit/Credit cards you could use include MasterCard, VISA, or Maestro, among others.

Bank Transfer

Cointal users can deposit funds by transferring money from their bank account.

Cash in Person

Cointal users can buy cryptocurrency instantly with cash in person. To utilize this option, traders will need to find a user in their area who is willing to exchange their digital currency for some cash.


Users can make payments by sending money directly through MoneyGram. MoneyGram offers both in-person and online services, allowing you a great deal of convenience.

Gift Cards

Cointal clients can use their gift cards to pay for the cryptocurrency.

Western Union

Cointal allows you to quickly and easily send funds via Western Union.


Cointal lets you make payments fast and securely using Neteller.


Besides Neteller, another e-wallet/money service that you can use to make payments on the Cointal platform is Skrill.


Cointal accepts PayPal payments.

Payments made on the Cointal exchange are validated through a multi-signature escrow system on the chain, allowing for smoother transactions.


Cointal uses various processes to securely handle client transactions and keep their accounts safe. The measures adopted by the company are intended to enable its users to trade any way they like without fear. All business endeavours on Cointal are fully secure via techniques that include:

Free Insurance on Every Transaction

Cointal has a refund policy in place to help traders keep their transactions safe. As a result, you will receive an instant refund if you get scammed while using the Cointal platform.


Cointal has a financial arrangement where the funds involved in a transaction are held and regulated by a third party that is not part of the transaction. The escrow system is also equipped with a feedback method that ensures a better experience.

BitGo Wallet

The wallet Cointal lets clients store their funds in is multi-secure and supports on-chain, zero confirmation, and instant exchange between buyers and sellers.

Anti-hacking Platform

Cointal uses a two-step verification system that is designed to prevent DDoS, Phishing, hacking, and social frauds, among others.


There are no deposit or withdrawal limits for all digital currencies on the Cointal platform. As a result, you could buy as many digital currencies as you like.

Supported Countries

Cointal is available worldwide and accepts even US traders. All that is required to own a Cointal account is for you to head to

Customer Support

The secret to keeping customers happy is to offer them excellent support services. Outstanding customer service delivery is one of Cointal’s strong suits. The organization strives to cultivate strong client relationships by adopting a customer-focused approach to business. Cointal offers exceptional customer support through the following channels:


Cointal has a well-crafted FAQ page that answers specific questions about the company’s services. The page serves as a simpler way via which traders can easily find answers to the questions that they have in mind, all in one place. To access the frequently asked questions page, go to


Contacting Cointal’s helpful customer support team is just a phone call away. You can call for technical or other support on +44 (208) 819-6244.


If you need help, Cointal’s customer support team should be able to help you through email. To receive answers to any questions you have in mind, send your queries to You will receive a prompt response addressing your concerns.

Live chat

Cointal provides premium support to their clients through a live chat feature available on their website at The company’s live chat representative is a real person. The agent will ask you to describe the problem you are facing and then try to talk you through possible solutions.

Ticket Support

Cointal’s customer support tickets allow you to resolve issues quickly upon logging into your account.


Cointal has a forum where traders can post their questions and receive the help they need. The platform aims to offer solutions to various problems through knowledge sharing. With Cointal’s forum, you are just a click away from find answers to the questions you have in mind.


Coin Portal is the revolutionary marketplace that traders have been waiting for. It offers several features that will reassure all users at once, regardless of whether they are selling or buying. Traders get to buy or sell the most in-demand digital assets and exchange them for cash later on. In addition, Cointal provides a solid wallet that keeps users’ funds secure at all times. Additional security measures have been taken to ensure the safety of clients’ funds.

Another advantage in the long list of benefits provided by this excellent platform is that buyers aren’t required to pay even a cent for participating in the market, while sellers are charged a low fee. The company’s high level of transparency is also commendable, not to mention that they offer a referral program that should see you make more money and add to the gains you receive from taking part in the market. There are numerous payment options that you can utilize, all of which offer great convenience and fast execution. You can complete your transaction in less than five minutes.  

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