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17 July 2018
  • Basics
    8 months ago

    Purchasing Litecoins

    This is a summary of the various possible options for purchasing litecoins online and offline. It is not wise to purchase litecoins off individuals and unreliable websites. Warning:  Be careful. …

  • Blockchain
    8 months ago

    Rubix by Deloitte Explains Blockchain use for the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

    Iliana Oris Valiente, the co-founder of Deloitte Rubix blockchain group made a fundamental presentation last June in Missouri where she pointed out that in the pharmaceutical chain there are many …

  • Basics
    8 months ago

    How will the Blockchain Transform Digital Media?

    As the blockchain keeps developing, more and more industries adopt its positive features, in a similar way that the Internet revolution changed different areas of everyone’s lives a few years …

  • Basics
    8 months ago

    Hedge Funds are Cashing in on Bitcoin Mania

    In 2017 the hype around cryptocurrencies have reached unprecedented levels. Not ones to miss out on the action, dozens of hedge funds have been created solely to invest in the …

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