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The Best Mining Pools for 2018


A mining pool consists of a group of like-minded miners who bring resources together and share the rewards received according to the hash power contributed to the network. The presence of a mining pool is ideal for a neutral and average miner as it makes the process easy. Though miners can direct their hash power elsewhere at a distinct mining pool, members of a mining pool focus more energy on the original owner of the pool.

China is considered to have the majority of mining pools compared to other countries like Iceland, Japan, and the Czech Republic currently controlling 81% of the hash rate available in the network.

The following are the most brilliant mining pools:


Antpool is owned by Bitmain, and its headquarters is in China. It is considered the most significant mining pool in the whole world with the ability of mining approximately 25% of all blocks in a network.  It has serves around the world and works with a peer to peer mining protocol that links your device to the nearest setup for a valid connection.

After successful creation of your account with the wallet address, payments can be received every day only if you have reached a target of at least 0.001 BTC.

Slush Pool

Slush Pool is the oldest mining pool dating back to 2010. It was previously known as Bitcoin.Cz mining before adopting their current name. It mines 11.5% of hash power in the network and is known for its accuracy and stability. It has a brilliant website, and the process of signing up is pretty simple.  

The firm offers flexibility on the minimum payout compared to other forms of mining pools, though there are additional costs of any withdrawal less than 0.01 BTC. Slush Pool is user-friendly to new miners as it has detailed explanations on how mining rewards are measured by the miner’s hash rate.

It is the most popular mining pool in the industry of cryptocurrency and also owns The platform became famous for previously offering online wallets and currently controls 20% of all the available hash power in the whole world. Its servers are presently positioned in both China and Germany. offers rewards to its miners in a unique way through a technique known as FPPS(Full Pay Per Share). It calculates a standard transaction fee within a stipulated time and increases a block reward of 12.5 BTC and dispenses it all to the miners just as the previous Payment Per Share (PPS) method.


The mining pool is located in China and supports various cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Zerocoin, Dash, Monero, and Siacoin. It was founded in 2013 and has servers in the United States and Hong Kong. It mines 5.5 % of hash power for most influential Bitcoin mining pools. It is ideal for those miners who wish to make daily withdrawals as it offers cash-outs every midnight and gives a limit of 0.005 BTC.

F2Pool websites contain exclusive information on mining rewards, transfers and sending of payments. For non-Chinese users, there is an English version of the platform.

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