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What Is Trivver?

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Blockchain and other cryptocurrency platforms were initially built to solve the existing ineffective payment methods used in the financial industry. However, as Blockchain platforms gained popularity, industries realized their use in a broader range of applications.

Advertising is one such industry. There have been a few cryptocurrency projects competing to revolutionize the online advertising space and there has been a new addition to the list of decentralized advertisement platforms; Trivver.

Trivver aims to utilize the nascent AR/VR (Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality) tech to transform ad campaigns. Augmented Reality helps to boost real world environments and objects through digital enhancement, while Virtual Reality is an entire simulation of a real world environment where users can interact with digital objects.

So why does online advertising need a solution and how does Trivver work?

The Problem

The traditional online advertising industry struggles because the advertisements placed by advertisers are not providing optimum profits. Many users are tired of ads that invade their online activities while surfing the Internet. Thus, there are a lot of challenges in the digital marketing industry related to ad frauds, ad blockers as well as the lack of customer satisfaction.

With the amount of mobiles phones and computers increasing along with smart devices through the Internet of Things (IoT), there is strong competition between advertisers to succeed in delivering effective and profitable ad campaigns that can grab the attention of consumers.

These are the problem that Trivver is attempting to solve through its platform.

What Is Trivver?

Trivver aims to be the next-generation advertising platform. Trivver employs the use of a technology called Extended Reality (XR). XR combines the best of both Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to deliver an advertisement experience that fascinates and engages users.

Instead of blocking an ad on a mobile or website, users will be more inclined to take part in the rich user experience where they can touch AR/VR objects.

Smart Objects: The Key Technology

Another key aspect of Trivver’s platform is its patented Smart Objects technology. Through Smart Objects, consumers will be reached through ads where they can view 3D Smart Objects in an Extended Reality environment with information about different brands and their products/services. Smart Objects will also be able to receive and forward information related to the demographics of consumers to the advertisers.

So does this mean that advertisers will need a separate Smart Object for each consumer? This is where things get interesting. Smart Objects are designed in such a way that they can transform and modify themselves according to a consumer’s environment.

Smart Objects help develop a single use-case for advertisers which are used by different XR environments through modifications in different attributes to fit a consumer’s needs. There are two types of Smart Objects in Trivver’s platform; Generic Smart Objects and Branded Smart Objects.

How Trivver Empowers the Stakeholders in Online Advertising

How is an app featuring baseball going to be liked by a football fan? One of the biggest reasons a consumer dislikes an ad is their detachment with the ad’s content.


With Trivver’s platform, advertisers will be able to develop advertisements with XR integration that will be personalized according to the consumers. XR advertisements will be able to gather users’ data from various online sources, while the Smart Object technology will ensure the personalization of each ad.


Publishers display advertisers’ ads on their platforms which can be a website, social media page, an app or other digital sources. Publishers will benefit as they can easily earn money through real life advertisements that can increase their internet traffic considerably. Users will no longer avoid a website for its intrusive ads and thus publishers will be able to escape the disadvantages of traditional online advertisements.


Consumers will not only benefit from the existence of high quality apps that can provide them with a real time experience, but they will also be able to earn incentives via tokens in return for their attention span, data and time.

Final Thoughts

The technology and work done by Trivver’s team seems promising, especially the introduction of Smart Objects technology. However, it remains to be seen if Trivver can be globally adopted by the online advertisement industry.

Find out more about Trivver here

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