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What is SHIVOM?

Shivom is a platform designed to be the largest genomic data hub in the world. It is a platform through which individuals donate their DNA data for research. The data collected facilitates development in industries such as biotechnology and healthcare. Shivom is creating a genomics ecosystem on the blockchain to connect healthcare providers with genomic data to promote further growth in the healthcare sector. In this model, the donor retains ownership of their data. They choose whether to share their data towards specific projects. To incentivize individuals to share their data, rewards are offered each time their data is used.

Shivom Network

The Shivom network is designed to be blockchain agnostic. This allows the platform to use the best-of-breed technologies depending on the requirements of the network.  It can, therefore, be run on other blockchains such as QTUM, Ethereum, and Hyperledger Fabric among others.

The platform has the capabilities for the creation and deployment of smart contracts tailor-made to fulfil different objectives. An OmiX wallet is in development to facilitate access and storage of the token among other services. Shivom wants its wallet to enable user’s to access health and fitness apps, purchase health insurance, get personalized health advice among others. The platform will also allow dApp development further enhancing its usability and potentials.

Proof of liability algorithm is going to be part of the security measures to be implemented on Shivom blockchain. This algorithm is aimed at identifying malpractices on the platform such as individuals uploading data that does not belong to them.

Unlike the single digital key used in many other blockchain platforms, this network plans to employ a nuanced identity model. This model breaks down a user’s identity into several components, each with specific mechanisms to handle them. This increases the level of anonymity of the users as it enables them to use different attributes to access different services on the platform. Users also can access services using a virtual identity, revealing only the required information while maintaining the user’s privacy.

The Shivom Network Niche

One of the limitations of research and development in the healthcare industry is access to data. Available data is stored in closed databases only accessible to select group of people. Shivom is being created as a decentralized database for genomic data. Each individual retains access and control over their data. This model opens up new opportunities for research by creating more flexibility in data access and use.

Genetics has proven to be an important area in the development of medicine and improvement of healthcare. Since each individual is genetically unique, Shivom is creating an opportunity for everyone to contribute to the genomic database and get rewards for sharing the data towards research. Healthcare facilities, learning institutions, and other interested parties are also able to gain access to the data they require from an open market at more affordable rates.

Through Shivom, biotechnology companies will have access to a vast pool of data. The platform will make it easier to identify and link relevant individuals to relevant drugs. Individuals will also be encouraged to participate in clinical trials through rewards, therefore, enhancing the process of bringing new drugs and medical technology into the healthcare industry.

Facilitate drug research and development: Access to genomic information will encourage and facilitate more research in healthcare. More companies will have the opportunity to do studies, therefore, opening the field to more innovation in drug development and other medical technology. Drugs can be tailor made based on a patient’s genome to improve their effectiveness.

Shivom Token

Shivom (OMIX) token sale commenced on April 16th and is expected to end on 16th May. It is designed as an ERC20 token and is being offered at a price of 0.00014 ETH. The team’s target is to raise USD 47.5 million on a fixed hard cap with any remaining tokens burnt. Proceeds from the token sale are intended to facilitate the development of the platform, laboratories, marketing, data storage, research, and development. The tokens will be the primary medium for transactions on the Shivom platform. Users will be able to use their tokens to pay for services and products offered through the platform. The tokens will also facilitate rewarding of users for sharing their data.


Shivom was co-founded by Dr Axel Schumacher, Gourish Singla and Dr Sally Eaves who now serve as CEO, COO, and CMO respectively. Akash Gaurav, the CTO also helped co-found the company. Dr Schumacher has a PhD in Human Genetics and over 20 years of experience in research and developing in genomics. He combines this knowledge with Dr Eave’s expertise in the areas of technology such as blockchain, artificial intelligence robotics, etc. Gourish is an experienced investment banker while Akash is a blockchain expert who started the first Indian blockchain company, Auxesis group while he was still an undergraduate student.

The Shivom team has expanded to include innovators, scientist, and marketers with expertise in cryptography, health and fintech industries, the blockchain, marketing, and communication to facilitate the design and development of the platform.

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