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What is Opiria, PDATA, and the Opiria Network?

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What is Opiria?

Personal data is over the years becoming a crucial and important part of the decision making process in major companies around the globe. This is the information or in other words, statistical data provided by any identifiable person in his or her natural surroundings. This has also grown to be an economically viable way of making money as illustrated by the data extracting companies with the total market value reaching around 250billion dollars a year. However, the business use of personal data has over the years been facing criticism due to the methods used to extract this information.

Major social network companies such as Facebook have been put in the spotlight on the sale and use of personal data without the knowledge of the social network’s users and the private nature of their information. Another issue arising is that of the value of this data to these companies as they continue to make profits without reimbursing the owners of this data.

Personal Data on its own is very helpful to companies as they study different issues relating to consumer products or even services offered by these companies. These issues would include the way users feel after consuming a certain product or even the mood a certain product gives its users.

The Opiria Platform

The Opiria platform is a global decentralized marketplace for personal data which tries to create cohesion between the consumers of the personal data and the producer. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, the Opiria platform tries to solve the issue of transparency by providing a secure market for buying and selling of personal data.

How It Works

The personal data market involves two parties, namely the companies and the consumers. The Opiria platform under the Ethereum Blockchain (ERC 20) acts as a link between these two parties mediating on the transactions carried out by these parties. The platform seeks to utilize the widespread use of smartphones and mobile devices as they act as the best instruments to carry out surveys from larger groups of people and from all demographics.

The platform thus acts as an application where any company that requires a market research can sign up and creates its profile detailing the kind of information that they seek to carry out a survey on. This is followed by an invitation out to either a specific group of people or random individual who are also required to sign up to the platform and create their profiles.

The Opiria platform provides several strategies to these company which works separately or together to assist in getting consumers to provide or rather sell their personal data. These approaches include;

  • AirdropCampaign: This will act as the motivating factor for the TGE campaign as new users will receive an initial compensation for signing up.
  • Referrals: This involves the already registered consumers who send out referral links to their friends and families and get a referral fee for the successful sign-ups.
  • The TGE Community: The Opiria community will play a major part as the first people to sign up to the platform who later send out referrals to friends and families.
  • Get consumers via Opiria’s customers (the companies): This is an instance where companies invite their own customers to join the Opiria database to take part in the surveys and get compensated.
  • Social Media Marketing: This will involve online marketing which will include paid advertisements on social media platforms.

The sign-up process for the consumers is fairly simple and quick as these consumers are required to fill out surveys regarding topics such as education, financial and health data, and interests on the Opiria smartphone app or browser plug-in.

This thus paves the way for personal data trading where companies in the platform send out the type of data required and a set of consumers with this form of data then participate in the surveys and get compensated with the PDATA token which is the native token for Opiria.

The PDATA Token

The PDATA token is the compensational token used in the Opiria platform which can be exchanged for fiat currency at 0.10 dollars each. The PDATA tokens offer the consumers a value for their information which would have otherwise been used without their consent or knowledge. The total number of tokens available under the Opiria platform is 750,000,000 of which only 450 million will be made available to the public. PDATA tokens give an advantage to the consumers who hold them as they receive requests to undertake the surveys more than consumers who do not hold these tokens and thus get more chances to sell their data.

The Opiria Team

The Opiria platform has been developed within a short period of time starting in early-2015. It, however, comprises a team with a rich history on the personal data markets. The founder and CEO Christian Lange is a Ph.D. holder in Human Factors and Ergonomics and has had a long run in the field of behavioral research for business with Ergoneers GmbH which he founded in 2005. His co-founder and CTO, Marlene Gagesh worked with Christian at Ergoneers GmbH heading the software development department. This team further consists of a strong sales and software development team with partners such as Strategic Coin and Amazix.


The level of competition and the desire to be the leader of any market by major companies creates a high demand for client/consumer data as the research results generated give these companies the necessary information to stay ahead of the rest. This offers consumers the ability to generate income by selling these sets of data from any location globally. The Opiria platform offers the best stage for these two parties to transact in a secure and transparent way ensuring that both parties benefit without the risk of this data being used maliciously.

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