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What is Botchain (BOTC)?

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Talla, a company focused on building and distributing business to business artificial intelligence software is the company behind BotChain.

The company focuses on obtaining digital workers for companies with their current marketing product being a bot that allows users to learn and create better machine learning procedures. 

What is BotChain?

BotChain is a  network based on the Ethereum blockchain and follows the ERC20 token rules. BotChain allows its users to manage, supervise and validate bots and AI. The platform, launched in October 2017, aims at solving issues regarding bot identity, validation, compliance and audit, control of boundaries and finally a shared platform for bot development.

In the world today, artificial intelligence is growing at a fast and devastating pace. There are various sections of the public totally against the new technology citing more negative consequences will outdo the positive impact.

However, one crucial current problem still faces the development of AI; as AI-based systems become more prevalent, both users and applications will require a network where identities and transactions are verifiable and auditable.

This is the solution that Talla’s BotChain, an immutable, incorruptible and secure blockchain is aiming at solving.

Issues in the bot Industry

In a world where human to bot, bot to bot and sometimes even rouge and autonomous bots continue to interact at a high rate, verification and audit are the keys. Talla’s CEO Rob May spoke in one of his interviews about this.

Imagine a world in which hundreds of thousands of transactions occur each minute between humans, bots and autonomous bots. Each transaction requires an immutable digital certificate to record what happened and why. Bots in the enterprise will only grow when there are ways for them to establish trust with humans and with other bots.

How does Talla’s BotChain aim to Solve These Problems?

Bot Identity and Verification

As the introduction of bots became more widespread, so did crimes such as bot spoofing and stuffing. This was a major problem especially regarding website pages views and stealing cryptocurrencies during ICOs.

The Bot blockchain, which is secure, decentralized and most importantly immutable, gives a unique cryptographic signature to each bot. This ensures each bot is validated and verified before cross-company transactions take place.

Bot Audit and Compliance

As more robots and AI is used in the various industries as workers or autonomous agents, they will still need to demonstrate compliance with country-specific international standards such as ISO, just as human agents do today. Additionally, these bots will also need real-time auditing.

BotChain allows the retrieving of the digital certificates as proof of what each bot did. This increases the compliance measures as will be needed with the increase in the use of bots.

Control the Boundaries of bot Autonomy

As AI continues to grow, we need to keep everything in check or robots may well take over the world as we watch. With the faulty nature of bots currently, the limit of what it can do and what it cannot do is very key. BotChain has immutable records placed on the blockchain, voting protocols for actions the bot can take and the decentralized network. This will work towards limiting the ability of what it can do. It is a futuristic concept to say the least.

BotChain Token

The BotChain Token, ticker symbol BOTC, is the fuel that is used as rewards to developers, within the blockchain network, and development. The token will be launched on the Ethereum platform following the ERC20 standards at a date yet to be announced.

A total maximum supply of 40,000,000 BOTC will be available with 55% of the tokens set to be released during the ICO. Each BOTC token will be sold at a price of $2.5. During the presale, the token can be exchanged for US Dollars, Bitcoin or Ethereum.

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