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Dentacoin: Everything you need to know

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The nature of blockchain technology is such that it makes it easier to reach different industries. Now, the dental industry has also become a part of this technology. So, what is Dentacoin?

The dental industry has a new cryptocurrency which is Dentacoin. More than 400 billion US dollars are spent on dentistry each year. People don’t visit dentists on a regular basis and that is the main reason for these high costs. Instead, when a serious tooth problem arises, they have to pay more than they would have to pay if they took some preventive measures.

People can have access to better dentists and dental services if they had an international dental currency. Let’s discuss how Dentacoin helps to achieve this target.

Introduction to Dentacoin

Dentacoin’s main purpose is to remove the limitations of the traditional dental industry. People receive incentives in the form of Dentacoin when they are involved in research and development activities in order to contribute to the community.

The foundation of Dentacoin community is centred on shared responsibility and transparency. By purchasing the Dentaprime Dental Clinic in London, the company proved that it is indeed interested in the dental industry. Dentacoin cryptocurrency was used to pay the clinic’s complete cost which was 90 million dollars.

The Solutions Dentacoin can Provide

Basically, the Dentacoin Foundation wants to focus on three major issues. They mainly want to improve the quality of dental care around the globe. Many people all over the world cannot access quality dental services due to financial problems. The high dental cost is what limits these people.

If precautions are taken beforehand, many problems can be diagnosed and treated at an early stage which will reduce the future high costs. Dentacoin aims to create and maintain a global dental community.

The different tools of Dentacoin will serve to provide the patients with a chance to earn coins. The patients are required to evaluate and recommend trusted dentists and dental services. Moreover, the dentists can also get these coins by contributing to the community through their hard work and extra efforts.

The Goals of Dentacoin

Like any other service industry, the dental industry is also dependent on user feedback for its prosperity.  This feedback serves as a tool which helps to improve the services and enhances innovation. The dentistry and healthcare industry can use this to establish trust.

Dentacoin Trusted Review Platform will help in creating a strong relationship with the dental industry which is not present now.

Dentacoin Trusted Review Platform

The purpose of this blockchain-based review platform is to provide dental reviews. Currently, a decentralized platform does not exist, although there are different types of review platforms. The ratings can be manipulated or people can be paid to give good ratings in a centralized platform. However, it is difficult to manipulate the rating system in a decentralized platform.

This is beneficial for both the patients and the dentists. The dentists can easily access the patient profile to determine the dental problem. On the other hand, the feedback from the patients will help to improve the dental services.

To send Dentacoin to users as rewards, the platform will use Ethereum smart contracts or review system. The patients can use DCN (Dentacoin) to pay for future treatments.

Other Features of Dentacoin

Dentacoin offers different tools to improve their service:

Mobile App

The users can use this app to maintain their proper dental hygiene. It is actually a three months gaming program that guides the users by providing them with nutritional guidance, brushing techniques, appointment reminders and other healthy tips.

The app’s main aim is to permanently integrate these healthy dental actions into the lives of individuals. The users can also contact dentists by using the emergency function in the app.

Healthcare Database

The dentists can easily view the medical records of the patients by using the service of this blockchain. When the patients are given permission, they can also take a look at their medical records.

Dental Assurance Concept

The responsibility of the patients is to maintain hygiene standards, and the dentists have to perform their job in the best possible way. Monetary rewards are provided if both these parties meet their obligations.

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