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Another new entry into the landscape of blockchain technology is Cortex. It is an automated and decentralized Artificial Intelligence system that makes use of blockchain technology. The Cortex AI system has been made with the aim of leveraging the power of blockchain technology to make the very best machine learning models.

Users will be able to use smart contracts on the blockchain network to make these machine learning models come to a conclusion. Other than the provision of these machine learning models, Cortex also has the goal of implementing a platform which will allow users to post tasks on it and make their own submissions of AI technology-based decentralized applications.

The Masterminds Behind Cortex

The autonomous and decentralized artificial intelligence system is the brainchild of the Cortex CEO Ziqi Chen, the CTO Weiyang Wang and the Blockchain Chief Manager, Yang Yang. Chen also happens to be one of the founders of and he has a Master of Science in the fields of machine learning and engineering. Weiyang Wang is a well reputed certified financial risk manager who has a Master of Science in Statistics. He brings his experience in cryptography into the mix which has been an area of interest for him for a long time. The blockchain chief engineer, Yang Yang is the one who is most experienced with blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. He is also the other founder of

Xiao Yan is the chief deep learning engineer at Cortex who is currently a PhD candidate for quantum computing. He has a lot of experience in quantitative trading of cryptocurrencies as well as being a key researcher in the field of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. The Operating Officer at Cortex is Amy Chen who has obtained a Master of Science in the field of Electrical engineering. The core team at Cortex is completed by the Master of Science in computer science, Wentao Tian. He is the senior blockchain and artificial intelligence engineer at Cortez. Bringing his experience in quantitative trading algorithms and distributed systems, he also is an expert in reinforcement learning.

Among the community developers at Cortex, there are artificial intelligence experts on acoustics, research assistants and scientists along with artificial intelligence RnD experts. The team is made up of experienced individuals who have been involved with major projects in the blockchain world including the likes of Bitfun, Zhenfund and Bitfinex. There are also individuals who have been involved with China Metallurgical Group Corporation, DAGlabs, Beijing Kunlun Tech Co.

Here’s What Cortex Does

The platform which Cortex provides makes use of the fact that it has artificial intelligence smart contracts to allow developers to make use of the platform for the purpose of supplementing their smart contracts with artificial intelligence. The prospect of artificial intelligence supplementing smart contracts has immense potential when it comes to expanding their utilities on the blockchain network. It will also very much introduce the possibility of autonomously responding to external signals that the developers might not even be able to expect.

Cortex also has a mechanism that promotes collaborative efforts between developers by offering incentives for their collective efforts. Any of the users are allowed to submit their models to the platform provided by Cortex and others can help to optimize the existing machine learning models on the platform, essentially bringing a sense of a larger community on the Cortex platform that’s working together for the overall betterment of everybody involved.

What Is Cortex Comprised Of?

Mainly there are two components which make up the Cortex platform, namely the smart artificial intelligence contracts and the Cortex Virtual Machine.

The smart artificial intelligence contracts offer the ability to the developers to be able to write their own machine learning models on the blockchain platform. It also enables them to submit their interactions by leveraging the smart artificial intelligence contracts which depend on other projects on the platform.

The Cortex Virtual Machine is the basic set of instructions for the Cortex platform that is completely compatible with EVM and also includes reference instruction support.

Using Cortex

For developers wondering how Cortex can be used, they should know that Cortex will make the aspect of artificial intelligence systems possible on the blockchain by allowing people who are researching machine learning throughout the world to bring all their corresponding data on to the platform which are well adjusted. Once uploaded, these models will go on to the public chain on the Cortex platform and any other users who want to make use of these models for the purpose of inferences can pay the developer of the particular model so that they can use them.

Every time an inference is made, the whole network is synchronized with the data and the model with the local site – one of the biggest ways blockchain technology will be leveraged for the system.


The Cortex token or CTXC is the internal token system which will be operating on the blockchain network that has a total supply of almost 300 million tokens from which half will be used as rewards for those mining the CTXC. For those looking to buy CTXC tokens, they should know that CTXC tokens cannot be purchased through cryptocurrency exchanges by offering fiat currencies in return. They initially need to purchase either Bitcoin or Ethereum through Coinbase and then trade at an exchange which deals with CTXC for the purchase of the Cortex Tokens.

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