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Moving from MyEtherWallet to Ledger


The Ledger Nano S is one of the easiest and most convenient cryptocurrency hardware wallets out there. This guide is built for Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens but supports the wallet supports other tokens.


Set Up Your Ledger Nano S

There are two buttons on the top of the device. Using the device begins by pressing either of the two. Pressing both at the same time will open up configuration options.

When you launch the device for the first time it will ask you if you want to “configure as a new device?”. The right button confirms the action.

If you were ever to need to restore your device you would select the left button and it would ask for your recovery phrase.

Next the device will prompt “Choose a PIN code.” This is important because any actions you do on the device will require you to enter this PIN to proceed. You need to enter four to eight numbers. It will have you confirm your pin number to make sure it is correct. You should know if you enter the wrong PIN three times in a row your device will automatically reset.

Now, the device will give you 24 random words. This will be your recovery words (aka seed) should you ever need to restore your device. This is in case the device fails or in case you accidentally reset your device entering the wrong PIN three times.

Make sure you write down your recovery words, not store them electronically. They can be hacked and used to steal information out of your device.


Configure Ledger Nano S to work with MyEtherWallet

Browser support must be enabled on the device for it to work with MyEtherWallet. We also need to enable contract data.

Navigate to the Ethereum app on your device and press both buttons to open it. To navigate to settings, press the right button, and then press both buttons to open it.

After that, press the two buttons at the same time again to open up “Contract Data” then select the right button to select “yes” and press both buttons to continue.

Still in settings, navigate to and select “Browser Support” by pressing both buttons at the same time. Press the right button to select “yes” and press both buttons to confirm.

That is all we need to do to make this work. You can press both buttons to return to the Ethereum app and if you do this again it will return you to the main screen.


Using Ledger Nano S with MyEtherWallet

To begin you need to go to and enter the “Send Ether & Tokens” tab and click the “Ledger Wallet” option.

Once you do this you will have a screen with your addresses pop up.  This is when you connect your Ledger Nano S. When you do this, the blue button “Unlock My Wallet” will be active and you will be able to access your wallets on your Nano S.



There is extensive help from Ledger at and a knowledge base from MyEtherwallet at for any troubleshooting you may need.



As far as hardware wallets go this one looks easy and has an extensive knowledge base both for itself and for MyEtherWallet. Remember your hardware wallet is only as safe as its phrase reset and PIN. Don’t make a digital copy of these.