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5 Popular Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallets


Hardware wallets are an essential part of safely storing some of your cryptocurrencies. At the moment digital currencies, especially bitcoins are growing in value very fast and there is a need for hardware wallets. The first bitcoin wallets were basic in design and features but nowadays there is a bigger variety to choose from. We will go through a few of the best-selling physical storage devices that are currently being sold.

A hardware wallet is a special secure device for digital currency which stores one’s private keys. They are starting to become very popular among people who use cryptocurrencies as they feel like carrying a normal paper wallet but with more functions. Your private keys are always saved in a protected area as the whole device is immune to computer viruses and so far there haven’t been any accurate incidents of hacker attacks. Bitcoin users find them very useful and there are plenty of devices to choose from.

Ledger Wallet

This brand has one product available at the moment which is the Nano S but also have a new model available for pre-ordering called the Ledger Nano S.  The device supports bitcoin, ripple, ethereum, etc. The user has to connect the wallet to a Chrome plugin; the device uses a standard micro-USB connection. The Nano S has an OLED screen for a user to verify pin, to send confirmations, for seed restoration but also can be used as a physical wallet with buttons on the side of the device. The wallet can be purchased directly from Ledger but can also be found at other retailers like Amazon, at a cheaper price. Shipping normally takes around 2 weeks and its price is approximately 69 USD at the moment.

Trezor Wallet

Satoshi lab has created a popular hardware wallet called Trezor.  This wallet can store private keys for bitcoin, altcoins and ERC-20. It can also offer two-factor authentication verifications, manage your passwords and encrypt your date with GPG. The Trezor wallet has been in the market for a few years and has good reviews and a strong reputation. It comes with a plastic case and works with a standard micro-USB connection. You can use the wallet screen to verify your PIN, to receive updates and to send confirmations, there are also two buttons available to make the process easier. The device can be shipped within 2 business days and it costs around 106 USD. The company is releasing a Trezor 2 soon, as the second version of this successful device.


Keepkey is a cryptocurrency hardware wallet device which is produced by the same owner who is behind Shapeshift startup. This wallet comes with an anodized metal case and it is bigger is size compared to Trezor or Ledger wallets. It connects with a standard micro-USB and has a 3.12’’ screen for all security procedures. Furthermore, Keepkey can securely connect you with Shapeshift exchange, and can also save all your private keys. It is a fairly new device but has achieved good reviews already. It costs approximately 129 USD and can be shipped within 3-9 business days.

Digital Bitbox

The company Shift Devices AG has also created a new hardware wallet called Digital Bitbox. This is the smallest wallet from all hardware wallets available now and it connects to your PC through a USB connection. It is sold with a recovery memory card and you can store all your digital keys. The only disadvantage is that it does not have a screen like most hardware wallets. As this is a new device there aren’t many reviews available for it. You can buy it for 54 USD but since it is sold from Switzerland you need to pay some extra postal expenses.


Bitlox is a new hardware wallet produced in Hong-Kong by Bitlox Limited. You can buy it using paypal or bitcoin and it is shipped anywhere in the world. It’s slightly bigger in size than the Keepkey and you can find it in three types; Advanced for 98 USD, Ultimate 148 USD and Extreme Privacy for 198 USD. The device has a screen and several buttons, you can connect it through USB and can be used for BIP32 and BIP39 root keys. It has a Bluetooth installed and unlike other wallets and it can be connected to your mobile phone. There are not many reviews available for this device but there are a few Youtube videos to help you.

Overall the hardware wallet devices are considered a good investment because when it comes to cryptocurrency it’s all about the safety of your assets online. As hardware wallets become more popular improvements will be made and more products will become available from new companies.

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