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6 Proven Ways to Protect our Devices from Crypto-miners

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Despite the many advantages technology has brought to our daily life, they can also lead us to unwanted troubles we can’t fathom to cope with. In this era of modern technological advancement, cryptocurrencies are rocking the world by taking over other physical currencies.

Cryptocurrencies are now a popular form of currency and experiencing rapid growth. However, cryptocurrencies not only provide advance transaction capabilities but also pose some serious concerns.  To understand how cryptocurrencies may harm your electronic devices, you first need to understand the working principle behind them.

The technology behind cryptocurrencies is known as blockchain, a system where transactions are saved in ledgers and connected by lots of independent blocks. The process of gaining cryptocurrencies is called mining, much like the physical mining of gold. When mining for such cryptos, you’ll primarily solve large cryptographic puzzles in order to achieve some rewards, in the form of these cryptos.

To solve these complex cryptographic puzzles, miners need to utilize the processing power of their CPU or GPU. This is a very energy intensive task, and as most computer chips were not manufactured for mining cryptos, this process tends to affect processors very negatively. It’s common for electronic devices to drain their battery much faster when mining cryptos. Even the burning of electronic devices can be a reasonable outcome.

So, hackers found an excellent idea to make long-term investments by compromising other people’s devices. They aim to defect other’s devices via some form of malware intrusion, and once compromised, use that device to mine crypto. This saves their own devices and guarantees to provide future rewards.

Cryptojacking: Definition and Overview

The process of using some other person’s electronic devices to mine cryptos has been termed crypto jacking. This is a new form of malware attacks and aims solely at financial rewards. Although the idea is still at its initial state, crypto jacking malware are already running in the wild.

Hackers usually try to compromise your devices via network intrusion. These are broad-spectrum attacks and can affect any electronic devices connected to a network. So, if your smart TV is not working as it was supposed to, chances are it may have been already compromised.

IT experts at claim that the primary obstruction to solving crypto jacking is to find them. As most users do not have a concise knowledge of such malware or their principles, they are often unable to locate and neutralize these on their devices.

Cryptojacking is a serious issue as it can reduce the lifespan of your electronic devices significantly. However, do not worry and stay with us through this detailed guide to learn how to stop your devices from being used for mining cryptocurrencies.

How does Cryptojacking Spread?

Lots of factors contribute to the rapid spreading of Cryptojacking. The primary reason found by our experts for aiding this problem is the increasingly large number of personal bloggers.

CMS’s like WordPress and Drupal are contributing in the increase of personal bloggers since their inception. A huge number of such bloggers do not have any concise idea about blogging securely. They often install third-party plugins that are basically the best way for the installation of Cryptojacking utilities.

Other common factors include lack of knowledge, tendency to install unrecognized software, and using easy-to-guess passwords.

Use the Opera Βrowser Ιnstead of Chrome or Firefox

6 Proven Ways to Protect our Devices from Crypto-miners

Although the Opera browser may not offer the blazing fast speed and smooth user interface provide by Google’s Chrome or Mozilla’s Firefox, when it comes to security it outshines these browsers. The Opera browser comes integrated with top-notch ad-blocker, much better than those offered by either Chrome or Firefox.

Advertisement sites are the primary reason behind unintentionally installing crypto jacking malware into your computer or smartphone. Try to remember how many times you get rerouted to some other websites containing random ads when you’re downloading a movie or random music tracks.

The ad-blocker of Opera minimizes your visits to such sites and thus save your system from unwanted script installations.

Protecting your Laptop

6 Proven Ways to Protect our Devices from Crypto-miners

Thankfully, you can find many great mining blocking plugins for your laptop, designed specifically to block any type of unwanted mining process. No COIN and minerBlock are two of the best such plugins and recommended heavily by our experts.

Securing your router is also a must-do in order to ensure hackers don’t get easy access to your home network. Remember, once your network is compromised, hackers will get eventual access to your other devices despite how secure they are.

Use System Utilities like Malwarebytes

You can get your hands easily on security software that can block crypto scripts running into your browser. Malwarebytes, a popular utility for this purposes has been gaining rapid traction among system analysts.

The windows defender, preinstalled on most Windows-based devices is not capable enough to deal with such task and can make your system prone to cryptojacking.

Avoid Cryptojacking Malware

Cryptojacking malware are on the rise steadily and has already taken over 2 spots in the top 10 malware list. These are like any other malware but aims only at using your processing power instead of deleting files or partitions.

Use a top-notch antivirus program such as Avast, Norton, or MacAffe on your desktop or laptops. Make sure to update the software regularly to save your system from the latest malware. Mobile devices are not suitable for native antivirus systems and may also slow down your device significantly.

Monitor Network Communications

Large businesses often have massive system resources and intercept lots of traffic on their network. Any instant of crypto mining scripts usually goes unnoticed in these busy workplaces. So, securing a large corporations system from these attacks are very time-consuming and often very hard.

The only sure way to check for crypto mining scripts for these businesses is to monitor their network communications effectively and regularly. Although crypto mining scripts use the same sort of communication format employed by other system resources, they have a particular signature. Crypto activities take a slightly small packet data when receiving requests, and send back relatively larger data to the attacker’s server. Use this signature to find out whether any such activities are taking place.

Keep an Eye out for Unusual Activities

Often as a regular user, it’s hard to detect the presence of such advance scripts running in the background of your system. You should always look out for any unwanted or suspicious activities.

If your device runs out of charge very fast or get excessively hot, chances are crypto mining utilities are running in the background. Take your device to a professional system service provider to get rid of these scripts. You can refer to this guide for further information on the subject.

It’s very likely you didn’t even know anything about the existence of remote crypto mining utilities before reading this post. However, if you read this guide with proper care, we’re guessing by now you get how much damage crypto mining tools are capable of dealing. Follow the above-mentioned suggestions properly to detect any such malware into your system and make sure your device does not give up on you for a random dark alley criminal’s benefit.


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