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Quickbitcoin is a UK brokerage selling bitcoins for UK bank transfers and cash deposits to a bank. Since June 2014, Quickbitcoin has started hosting weekly meetups and seminars in London with workshops every Tuesday. It also has a blog providing...
Brokerage Service, Exchange
Morrex is a cryptocurrency exchange platform offering the possibility to buy, sell and trade Canadian Bitcoin, Litecoin and Feathercoin. As a service and platform, it is very similar to most other online cryptocurrencies trading websites.
Exchange, Wallet
It’s a game based on breeding collectible virtual cats. Each one is unique and owned by the users, it cannot be copied or deleted. As the game, cryptokitties, is based on the same technology used by cryptocurrencies, blockchain, it is...
Deribit is bitcoin exchange, as well as a platform offering to trade plain European style cash-settled options on the Deribit TBC index for a margin with leverage, other than trading futures that settle on the Deribit BTC Index with leverage....
BTC Consulting is the first Swiss bitcoin consulting company. It operates from Zürich but serves clients all over Europe. It was founded in May 2013. It provides business consulting in various bitcoin-related projects, Trading advisory services and the integration of...
Exchange, Financial Services
ICONOMI is a fintech startup that went through an ICO in September 2016 raising $10M. ICONOMI was valued at $260M in 2017. Founded by Tim M. Zagar (CEO) and Jani Valjavec- (CTO), it was the first blockchain startup in Slovenia that...
Digital Asset Array Platform
Bitstamp is a Luxembourg-based digital asset exchange offering the possibility to buy, sell and trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and several cryptocurrencies. It also offers an online, hot wallet, to store one’s funds. As a service and platform, it is very...
Exchange, Wallet
Founded in 2011 in Atlanta, it is a US-based payment service provider operating with bitcoins and currently collaborating with companies such as Microsoft and Warner Bros Records. The service allows vendors to accept bitcoin for their customers’ purchases. Immediately converting...
Financial Services
It’s a platform providing live statistics and historical data related to Exchange Markets, Mining Pools and Blockchain Explorer. It provides detailed information about blocks, addresses and transactions, while also updating data on price and live trades from largest stock exchanges...
Financial Services
Magnr is a London-based international service operating cryptocurrency trading and wealth management for both leveraged trading platform and retail traders, as well as bitcoin interest bearing savings account, founded in 2015 but originally created in 2013 as
Exchange, Financial Services, Wallet