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Steemit is a social media network built on top of the Steem blockchain, where anybody can publish or upvote content on the Steem network and earn cryptocurrency tokens in the form of rewards from post’s popularity within the community. On Steemit, users that hold more currency can cast votes with greater influence thanks to the fact that Steemit platform is built on top of a digital currency called Steem; the network’s fundamental currency. Still, in order to cast votes and invest it in the network, you need to turn your STEEM into Steem Power (SP), where one unit of SP is considered as one vote and consequently, those with the most SP have a greater influence on the site, get paid more for upvoting and thus, the upvoted content gains more popularity and visibility. Also, by holding Steem Power Units, you gain ownership in the network, earning more as the network grows. Additionally, SP holders can convert Steem into Steem Dollars that pay 10% interest. It is a stable currency that you can sell at any time or exchange it for Steem Power, given that they want to invest in the future of the currency and harvest the biggest rewards. Finally, STEEM can be purchased on Poloniex, Bittrex, and ShapeShift, which is the fastest way to acquire this currency.


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