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EOS is the most powerful infrastructure, blockchain-based operating system that enables businesses to build for Decentralized Applications (dApps) on the blockchain, like web-based applications. EOS also uses delegated-proof-of-stake in order to fix bugs and rollback changes with superiority consensus instead of requiring a hard-fork. Thanks to EOS’ use of delegated-proof-of-stake, multiple witness-nodes can make certain high-level decisions more quickly as representatives appointed from the network, without canvassing the entire network. This allows for mainstream enterprises to use blockchain technology and consequently to increase overall adoption since, unlike Ethereum, EOS also eliminates transaction fees . EOS’s provides scalability through asynchronous communication and parallel processing. ERC20 like tokens can be created on EOS with tremendous speed giving EOS the capability in processing millions of transactions per second through horizontal scaling, and thus, making this blockchain an excellent host for ICOS. Server resources can be claimed if owning EOS coins. However, a developer needs to have EOS coins only to use the EOS blockchain and not the server resources, as they only have to prove they hold them in order to do so.


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