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Digix Global is the first Decentralised Autonomous Organization (DAO) that tokenizes physical assets onto the Ethereum blockchain through its Proof of Asset (PoA)​protocol, and Digix Gold Tokens (DGX), leveraging the Distributed Ledger for its immutability, transparency and auditability. The entire code base and repository of Digix Global smart contracts are open sourced and publicly verifiable at the crowdsale being fully automated and self running. DGX Tokens are minted via a Minter Smart Contract and are held in an Ethereum Wallet, entitling individuals to pledge for project proposals at Digix and to claim a reward on transaction fees collected on the system. Rewards can be held in cold storage that can be unlocked at any time by turning one’s cold wallet into a hot/live wallet and then check their balance by directly querying the explorer. Digix offers long term wealth preservation, ensures that allocated bullion is issued right from the point of digital purchase and provides the means to liquidate one’s metal and use it in everyday life with the same level of physical security.


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