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Decred is progressive cryptocurrency similar to normal money, completely autonomous, open source, and driven by the community. It is the first coin with a governance system built-in that consensus based hardforks become easy to get. Also, it has better principles than almost all of the coins with a bigger market cap. Decred uses code and cryptography to secure transactions and to regulate the creation of new coins. You can pay with Decred coins (DCR) all over the internet. The project uses superior features such as the hybrid pow/pos consensus model and a built-in voting, that make it a good alternative for Bitcoin holders desiring a better balance between developers, miners and users. Decred also allows anyone in the world to participate in the project, regardless of owning expensive mining hardware. It has a Better tech and a management model that lets the community vote on the direction the coin will take. Individuals can either create a full node themselves in order to have better profits and thus, strengthen the network, or lease their coin to another PoS node (a PoS pool) for a smaller reward. However holding some Decred, individuals get voting rights and this consequently helps support the price and gives the coin an extra use.


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