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Basic Attention Token (BAT)BAT

BAT is a utility token that is based on the Ethereum platform. It is intended for use between advertisers, publishers and users in what is to be a new ad services platform. The token is not a digital currency, security or a commodity.
Basic Attention Token (BatCoin) (BAT) is a scrypt PoW currency characterized by simplicity.

• Scrypt-based
• Difficulty retarget time 1 hour
• 90 seconds block time
• 60,000 BAT’s per block
• 6 confirmations for transaction
• 70 confirmations for mined blocks
• 91,000,000,000 total coins
• 6 Guano blocks a day will deliver X4 more coins, and a super Guano block X10 coins every 4 days.
• Special reward on block 1337.

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